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Relevant Population Characteristics for Cigarette Smoking Among Adults

Relevant Population Characteristics

The IOM^1^ has concluded that the effectiveness of '''cigarette excise tax increases''' in reducing smoking-related death and disease can be increased when combined with other evidence-based interventions of a comprehensive tobacco control program, including '''smoke-free policies''' and '''media campaigns'''. The New Jersey '''Smoke-Free Air Act'''^2^ has generally prohibited smoking in any indoor public place or work place since 2006. New Jersey's '''excise tax''' of $2.70 per pack of cigarettes currently ranks 11th in the nation^3^. 1. [ Institute of Medicine, 2007. Ending the tobacco problem: A blueprint for the nation. Washington, DC: The National Academies Press.] [[br]] 2. P. L. 2005, Chapter 383, N.J.S. 26:3D-55 et seq.[[br]] 3. [ American Lung Association: Current State Cigarette Tax Rates.] [last accessed on 1/28/20]

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