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Fetal Mortality by Year, New Jersey and the United States, 2000 to 2021

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Why Is This Important?

The fetal mortality rate is a critical measure of a population's health and is an important indicator of fetal and maternal health status and medical care, but it is often overlooked. Much of the public concern surrounding reproductive loss has focused on infant mortality, due in part to lesser knowledge of the incidence, etiology, and prevention strategies for fetal mortality.[ ^1^]


The number of resident fetal deaths of 20 or more weeks gestation per 1,000 resident live births plus fetal deaths of 20 or more weeks of gestation in the same year. A fetal death is the spontaneous, intrauterine death of a fetus at any gestational age. These deaths are commonly referred to as stillbirths.

Data Notes

2016 and 2017 New Jersey data are from CDC WONDER and confidence intervals are not available. Confidence limits are not available for US data.

Data Sources

How the Measure is Calculated

  • Numerator:

    Number of resident fetal deaths of 20 or more weeks gestation in a given year
  • Denominator:

    Number of live births plus fetal deaths of 20 or more weeks gestation to resident mothers in the same year

Data Issues

New Jersey law requires the reporting of all spontaneous fetal deaths of 20 or more weeks gestational age. Induced terminations of pregnancy (ITOPs) are not included in fetal death counts. While interjurisdictional exchange of vital records is required for births and deaths, it is voluntary for fetal deaths. In the early 2000s, New Jersey stopped receiving fetal death records for New Jersey residents who experienced a fetal death out of state. With the publication of fetal death data on CDC WONDER in 2018, an accurate count of resident fetal deaths was available for the first time in nearly 15 years and our data files were updated accordingly.

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