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Housing Age: Built Before 1950, by County, New Jersey, 2018-2022

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Housing Age: Built Before 1950, by County, New Jersey, 2018-2022

Why Is This Important?

While all children in New Jersey are at risk of exposure to lead, children who reside in homes build prior to 1950 are at highest risk for elevated blood lead due to the potential presence of leaded paint. In addition, children living in homes constructed prior to 1980 are at risk due to the fact that use of lead-based paint for residential homes was not discontinued until 1980. Major sources of lead exposure to children are: peeling or deteriorated leaded paint; lead-contaminated dust created by renovation or removal of lead-containing paint; and lead contamination brought home by adults who work in an occupation that involves lead, or who engage in a hobby where lead is used. Children are more vulnerable to lead poisoning than adults. The first six years of life are the time when the brain grows the fastest, and when the critical connections in the brain and nervous system that control thought, learning, hearing, movement, behavior and emotions are formed. The normal behavior of very young children (crawling, exploring, teething, and putting objects in their mouth) exposes young children to lead that is present in their environment.


Percent of housing units built before 1950 or before 1980

Data Source

American Community Survey, U.S. Census Bureau

How the Measure is Calculated

  • Numerator:

    Estimated number of housing units built before 1950
  • Denominator:

    Number of residential housing units in a geographic area

Data Issues

The U.S. Census Bureau did not release its standard 1-year estimates from the 2020 American Community Survey because of the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on data collection.

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Indicator Data Last Updated On 05/28/2024, Published on 06/12/2024
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