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NCHS 113 Selected Causes of Death

In order to provide a consistent grouping and ranking standard, the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) prepared a List of 113 Selected Causes of Death. Two causes were later added but NCHS still refers to it as the "113 Cause List." Fifty-two causes on that list are eligible to be ranked as leading causes of death (List of 52 Rankable Causes of Death). For more information about the NCHS rankings see Part 9 - Underlying Cause-of-Death Lists for Tabulating Mortality Statistics on the NCHS website.

A full list of ICD-10 codes is available at

Cause of Death

ICD-10 Codes

Note/Common Name

1 Salmonella infections A01-A02
2 Shigellosis and amebiasis A03, A06
3 Certain other intestinal infections A04.0-A04.6, A04.8-A04.9, A07-A09
4 Respiratory tuberculosis A16
5 Other tuberculosis A17-A19
6 Whooping cough A37
7 Scarlet fever and erysipelas A38, A46
8 Meningococcal infection A39
9 Septicemia A40-A41
10 Syphilis A50-A53
11 Acute poliomyelitis A80
12 Arthropod-borne viral encephalitis A83-A84, A85.2
13 Measles B05
14 Viral hepatitis B15-B19
15 Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) disease B20-B24 AIDS
16 Malaria B50-B54
17 Other and unspecified infectious and parasitic diseases and their sequelae A00, A05, A20-A36, A42-A44, A48-A49, A54-A79, A81-A82, A85.0-A85.1, A85.8, A86-B04, B06-B09, B25-B49, B55-B99
18 Malignant neoplasms of lip, oral cavity and pharynx C00-C14
19 Malignant neoplasm of esophagus C15
20 Malignant neoplasm of stomach C16
21 Malignant neoplasms of colon, rectum and anus C18-C21 Colorectal cancer
22 Malignant neoplasms of liver and intrahepatic bile ducts C22
23 Malignant neoplasm of pancreas C25
24 Malignant neoplasm of larynx C32
25 Malignant neoplasms of trachea, bronchus and lung C33-C34 Lung cancer
26 Malignant melanoma of skin C43 Melanoma
27 Malignant neoplasm of breast C50 Breast cancer
28 Malignant neoplasm of cervix uteri C53 Cervical cancer
29 Malignant neoplasms of corpus uteri and uterus, part unspecified C54-C55 Uterine cancer
30 Malignant neoplasm of ovary C56 Ovarian cancer
31 Malignant neoplasm of prostate C61
32 Malignant neoplasms of kidney and renal pelvis C64-C65
33 Malignant neoplasm of bladder C67
34 Malignant neoplasms of meninges, brain and other parts of central nervous system C70-C72
35 Hodgkin disease C81
36 Non-Hodgkin lymphoma C82-C85
37 Leukemia C91-C95
38 Multiple myeloma and immunoproliferative neoplasms C88, C90
39 Other and unspecified malignant neoplasms of lymphoid, hematopoietic and related tissue C96
40 All other and unspecified malignant neoplasms C17, C23-C24, C26-C31, C37-C41, C44-C49, C51-C52, C57-C60, C62-C63, C66, C68-C69, C73-C80, C97
41 In situ neoplasms, benign neoplasms and neoplasms of uncertain or unknown behavior D00-D48
42 Anemias D50-D64
43 Diabetes mellitus E10-E14
44 Malnutrition E40-E46
45 Other nutritional deficiencies E50-E64
46 Meningitis G00, G03
47 Parkinson disease G20-G21
48 Alzheimer disease G30
49 Acute rheumatic fever and chronic rheumatic heart diseases I00-I09
50 Hypertensive heart disease I11
51 Hypertensive heart and renal disease I13
52 Acute myocardial infarction I21-I22 Heart attack
53 Other acute ischemic heart diseases I24
54 Atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, so described I25.0
55 All other forms of chronic ischemic heart disease I20, I25.1-I25.9
56 Acute and subacute endocarditis I33
57 Diseases of pericardium and acute myocarditis I30-I31, I40
58 Heart failure I50
59 All other forms of heart disease I26-I28, I34-I38, I42-I49, I51
60 Essential hypertension and hypertensive renal disease I10, I12, I15
61 Cerebrovascular diseases I60-I69 Stroke
62 Atherosclerosis I70
63 Aortic aneurysm and dissection I71
64 Other diseases of arteries, arterioles and capillaries I72-I78
65 Other disorders of circulatory system I80-I99
66 Influenza J09-J11 Flu
67 Pneumonia J12-J18
68 Acute bronchitis and bronchiolitis J20-J21
69 Other and unspecified acute lower respiratory infection J22, U04
70 Bronchitis, chronic and unspecified J40-J42
71 Emphysema J43
72 Asthma J45-J46
73 Other chronic lower respiratory diseases J44, J47
74 Pneumoconioses and chemical effects J60-J66, J68
75 Pneumonitis due to solids and liquids J69
76 Other diseases of respiratory system J00-J06, J30-J39, J67, J70-J98
77 Peptic ulcer K25-K28
78 Diseases of appendix K35-K38
79 Hernia K40-K46
80 Alcoholic liver disease K70
81 Other chronic liver disease and cirrhosis K73-K74
82 Cholelithiasis and other disorders of gallbladder K80-K82
83 Acute and rapidly progressive nephritic and nephrotic syndrome N00-N01, N04 Kidney diseases
84 Chronic glomerulonephritis, nephritis and nephritis not specified as acute or chronic, and renal sclerosis unspecified N02-N03, N05-N07, N26
85 Renal failure N17-N19
86 Other disorders of kidney N25, N27
87 Infections of kidney N10-N12, N13.6, N15.1
88 Hyperplasia of prostate N40
89 Inflammatory diseases of female pelvic organs N70-N76 PID
90 Pregnancy with abortive outcome O00-O07
91 Other complications of pregnancy, childbirth and the puerperium O10-O99 This is not the same as "maternal mortality." Maternal death counts and rates are reported here.
92 Certain conditions originating in the perinatal period P00-P96
93 Congenital malformations, deformations and chromosomal abnormalities Q00-Q99 Birth defects, Congenital anomalies
94 Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findings, not elsewhere classified R00-R99
95 All other diseases (Residual) Residual
96 Motor vehicle crash V02-V04, V09.0, V09.2, V12-V14, V19.0-V19.2, V19.4-V19.6, V20-V79, V80.3-V80.5, V81.0-V81.1, V82.0-V82.1, V83-V86, V87.0-V87.8, V88.0-V88.8, V89.0, V89.2 Cars, motorcycles, ATVs, trucks, vans, buses, et. al.
97 Unintentional injury: Other land transport V01, V05-V06, V09.1, V09.3-V09.9, V10-V11, V15-V18, V19.3, V19.8-V19.9, V80.0-V80.2, V80.6-V80.9, V81.2-V81.9, V82.2-V82.9, V87.9, V88.9, V89.1, V89.3, V89.9 Bicycles, trains, horse, et. al.
98 Unintentional injury: Water, air and space, and other transport V90-V99, Y85 Drowning due to boat overturning or sinking or from falling overboard, hot air ballooning, hang-gliding, parachuting, et. al.
99 Falls W00-W19
100 Accidental discharge of firearms W32-W34
101 Accidental drowning and submersion W65-W74 Includes in bathtub, pool, lake, ocean, river, et. al. Excludes water transport accidents
102 Accidental exposure to smoke, fire and flames X00-X09
103 Accidental poisoning and exposure to noxious substances X40-X49 Includes unintentional drug overdose, carbon monoxide poisoning, et. al.
104 Other and unspecified nontransport accidents and their sequelae W20-W31, W35-W64, W75-W99, X10-X39, X50-X59, Y86
105 Intentional self-harm (suicide) by discharge of firearms X72-X74
106 Intentional self-harm (suicide) by other and unspecified means and their sequelae X60-X71, X75-X84, Y87.0, *U03
107 Assault (homicide) by discharge of firearms X93-X95, *U01.4
108 Assault (homicide) by other and unspecified means and their sequelae X85-X92, X96-Y09, Y87.1, *U01.0-*U01.3, *U01.5-*U01.9, *U02
109 Legal intervention Y35, Y89.0
110 Discharge of firearms, undetermined intent Y22-Y24
111 Other and unspecified events of undetermined intent and their sequelae Y10-Y21, Y25-Y34, Y87.2, Y89.9
112 Operations of war and their sequelae Y36, Y89.1
113 Complications of medical and surgical care Y40-Y84, Y88
114 Enterocolitis due to Clostridium difficile A04.7 C. diff.
115 Coronavirus disease 2019 U07.1 COVID-19

The ICD codes for terrorism are preceded with '*' because they are not used internationally. See Classification of Death and Injury Resulting from Terrorism on the CDC website.

** Figure does not meet NCHS standards for reliability or precision.

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