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Other Standard Cause of Death Groupings

The following causes of death are frequently used in National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) mortality reports, Healthy People 2020, and/or Healthy New Jersey 2020. They are all already included within selected categories in the other lists of causes of death used in NJSHAD.

A full list of ICD-10 codes is available at

Cause of Death

ICD-10 Codes


Coronary heart disease I11, I20-I25 Used in Healthy NJ 2020 Objective HDS-1.
Alcohol-induced deaths E24.4, F10, G31.2, G62.1, G72.1, I42.6, K29.2, K70, K85.2, K86.0, R78.0, X45, X65, Y15 This is an NCHS standard grouping however other ICD-10 code groups may be used elsewhere for alcohol-related, alcohol-induced, or alcohol-attributable deaths.
Drug-induced deaths D52.1, D59.0, D59.2, D61.1, D64.2, E06.4, E16.0, E23.1, E24.2, E27.3, E66.1, F11.1-F11.5, F11.7-F11.9, F12.1-F12.5, F12.7-F12.9, F13.1-F13.5, F13.7-F13.9, F14.1-F14.5, F14.7-F14.9, F15.1-F15.5, F15.7-F15.9, F16.1-F16.5,F16.7-F16.9, F17.3-F17.5, F17.7-F17.9, F18.1-F18.5, F18.7-F18.9, F19.1-F19.5, F19.7-F19.9, G21.1, G24.0, G25.1, G25.4, G25.6, G44.4, G62.0, G72.0, I95.2, J70.2-J70.4, K85.3, L10.5, L27.0-L27.1, M10.2, M32.0, M80.4, M81.4, M83.5, M87.1, R50.2, R78.1-R78.5, X40-X44, X60-X64, X85, Y10-Y14 This is an NCHS standard grouping however other ICD-10 code groups may be used elsewhere for drug-related, drug-induced, or drug-attributable deaths.
Motor vehicle-related pedestrian injuries V02.1, V02.9, V03.1, V03.9, V04.1, V04.9, V09.2
Injury by firearms *U01.4, W32-W34, X72-X74, X93-X95, Y22-Y24, Y35.0 Used in Healthy NJ 2020 Objective IVP-2.

ICD codes for terrorism are preceded with '*'. See Classification of Death and Injury Resulting from Terrorism on the CDC website for more information.

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