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Query Builder for New Jersey Emergency Department Discharge Data for Injuries: 2008-2015 - Crude Injury ED Visit Rates

About this dataset

The data in this module come from all New Jersey licensed hospitals. All hospital encounters in which the patient was treated and discharged from the emergency department are included.

This module queries injury data only. Data in this module are consistent with the injury case definitions found in the Consensus Recommendations for Using Hospital Discharge Data for Injury Surveillance (2003) developed by the State and Territorial Injury Program Directors Association (STIPDA) Injury Surveillance Workgroup (see pages 7-11).

How to build your query

The most current data year and all hospital discharges are pre-selected in the steps below. If you do not want to choose different years or filter your results by any demographic or other characteristics, skip to the last STEP bar and select how you would like to display the results then click SUBMIT at the bottom left of the query builder steps to get your query result.

If you want to only see data for certain years, demographic characteristics, payers, etc., follow the numbered steps below to narrow your query. When you are done filtering your query, open the last STEP bar to select which rows and columns you want in your data table. After that, click SUBMIT at the bottom left of the query builder steps to get your query result.
  • Select year grouping and year(s). Default is single years, most recent year.

  • Choose a coding scheme to use for age groups. Default is 11 pre-defined age groups, all ages.

  • Choose a coding scheme to use for race and ethnicity. Default is race/ethnicity combined, all races/ethnicities.

  • Choose which sex to include in your analysis. The default is all persons.

  • Select from list of intentions

  • Select the mechanism(s) to include in your query. Default is all mechanisms.

  • Choose primary payer(s). Default is all payers.

  • Choose hospital discharge status(es). Default is all statuses.

The data and information provided through the NJSHAD Query System are intended to support any individuals or entities engaged in activities designed solely to enhance the well-being of a specific community, which may include the State. Activities include informing evidence-based decision making in the State to plan and improve health service delivery, evaluate health care interventions and systems, and inform health policy decisions. Other uses are not permissible.

As an NJSHAD Query System user, I AGREE TO:
  1. Use the data for statistical reporting and analysis only.
  2. Avoid any attempt to identify or contact individual(s) represented in the NJSHAD query system data.
  3. Avoid disclosure or use of the identity of any individual(s) discovered inadvertently.
  4. Avoid linkage of NJSHAD query system data with other data that, after linkage, might allow identification of an individual represented in the NJSHAD query system data.
  5. Use appropriate safeguards to prevent the inappropriate use or disclosure of individual(s) represented in the data, including when disclosing NJSHAD Query System data to others.
  6. Report IMMEDIATELY any inadvertent or intentional identity disclosures or violations of this agreement of which I become aware to the Center for Health Statistics, NJ Department of Health.

I understand that any violation of the above conditions may result in prosecution under all relevant state and federal laws. If I am a state government employee, this may be grounds for immediate dismissal.
The information provided above is from the Department of Health's NJSHAD web site ( The information published on this website may be reproduced without permission. Please use the following citation: " Retrieved Mon, 19 August 2019 0:32:42 from Department of Health, New Jersey State Health Assessment Data Web site: ".

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