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Query Results for New Jersey Birth Data: 1990-2020 - Total Fertility Rate

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The total fertility rate is the sum of the age-specific birth rates of women in five-year age groups multiplied by five. This rate estimates the number of children a cohort of 1,000 women would bear if they all went through their childbearing years exposed to the same age-specific birth rates in effect for a particular time.
  • New Jersey Birth Certificate Database, Office of Vital Statistics and Registry, New Jersey Department of Health
  • Population Estimates: National Center for Health Statistics, available on the Internet at 1990-1999 Bridged-Race Intercensal Population Estimates released on 7/26/2004. 2000-2009 Bridged-Race Intercensal Population Estimates released on 10/26/2012. 2010-2020 Vintage 2020 Bridged-Race Postcensal Population Estimates released on 9/22/2021.
2020 data are preliminary and may be missing records (particularly those for women who deliver out of state) and/or may contain errors within records that have not yet been corrected. The 2020 birth data file will be officially "closed out" in March 2022.
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