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Child and Adolescent Health

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Childhood and adolescence are a critical period of growth and development and a child's experiences, behaviors, and health problems can have long-term impacts. 1

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Why It's Important

Timely developmental screenings and recommended health care services are key to identifying health problems early, when they're usually easier to treat. Positive health behaviors, such as getting enough sleep and eating healthy, can help prevent diseases and injuries. Safe, stable, and supportive relationships are critical for children's health, development, and well-being. 2

Adolescents are at risk for many preventable health problems, such as substance use disorders, STIs, and motor vehicle-related injuries. They also experience developmental changes that can affect their physical and mental health. Many behaviors that can affect health and well-being later in life start during adolescence. Positive health behaviors - like getting preventive care, using birth control, and getting enough sleep - can help adolescents stay safe and healthy. 4

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Who Is at Risk

There are disparities by race/ethnicity and family income.4,5

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