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Brain/Nervous System

The brain and nervous system are responsible for essential body functions, such as breathing, heart rate, sensory information processing, and motor actions. The brain is the communication and control center for the body and is responsible for higher mental functions such as memory, planning, problem solving, and attention. Vision processing and emotional regulation are also housed in the brain.
Injuries to the brain or nervous system can seriously impact day to day functioning of individuals in areas such as movement, speech, emotional regulation, memory, and cognition.


NJ's Major Causes of Death:
- Alzheimer's disease
- Parkinson's disease
- Stroke (Cerebrovascular diseases)

NCHS 113 Selected Causes:
- Cancer of the Brain and Central Nervous System (Malignant neoplasms of the meninges, brain, and other parts of central nervous system)
- Meningitis
- Meningococcal Infection

Hospitalizations: Inpatient and Emergency Department

Hospital Discharges for Select Health Indicators:
- Cerebrovascular Disease (Stroke)

Primary Diagnosis Category:
- Diseases of the Nervous System (2016+)
- Diseases of the Nervous System and Sense Organs (2008-2015)

Major Diagnostic Categories (2008-2015):
- Nervous System

Ambulatory Care Sensitive (ACS) Conditions (2008-2015):
- Seizures (Grand mal status and other epileptic convulsions)

Procedures (2008-2015)
- Clinical classification System:
1 Incision and excision of CNS
2 Insertion, replacement, or removal of extracranial ventricular shunt
3 Laminectomy, excision intervertebral disc
4 Diagnostic spinal tap
5 Insertion of catheter or spinal stimulator and injection into spinal canal
6 Decompression peripheral nerve
7 Other diagnostic nervous system procedures
8 Other non-OR or closed therapeutic nervous system procedures
9 Other OR therapeutic nervous system procedures

Stroke - Adults (BRFSS)

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