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Alphabetical/Chronological Indicator Report Index

This index includes all available health indicator reports. To view a report, click on its title in the list below. To see which reports were most recently updated, use the and arrows to sort by Publication Date.

The Health Initiative/Program Index organizes the health indicator profile reports by health program or initiative.

The Health Topics Index organizes the health indicator profile reports by health topic.

Indicator Report Title
Published Date
Record Count: 227
1,3-Butadiene in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Acetaldehyde in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Acrolein in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Adult Lead Exposure08/19/2021
Adults Ever Tested for HIV06/19/2019
Age-Adjusted Death Rate05/11/2021
Age-Specific Birth Rates08/13/2021
Alcohol Consumption - Binge Drinking01/29/2020
Alcohol Use During Pregnancy11/05/2021
Arsenic in Community Drinking Water Systems05/11/2021
Arsenic in Private Wells03/03/2020
Asthma Hospitalizations and Emergency Department Visits04/30/2021
Asthma Management06/01/2021
Asthma Prevalence in Adults05/31/2019
Average Age at Death08/13/2021
Baby Friendly Facilities03/04/2021
Beach Closings Due to Bacteriological Levels10/25/2021
Benzene in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Birth Rate05/26/2021
Blood Lead Levels among Children03/04/2021
Breastfeeding Initiation and Continuation11/20/2020
Cancer Five-Year Survival Rate05/07/2021
Carbon Monoxide Detectors: Self-Reported Presence in Home11/05/2020
Cardiovascular Disease - High Blood Pressure06/19/2019
Cardiovascular Disease - High Cholesterol06/19/2019
Cases Simultaneously Diagnosed with HIV and AIDS04/28/2021
Cesarean Deliveries08/13/2021
Cesarean Deliveries among Low Risk Women08/13/2021
Childhood Immunizations11/06/2020
Childhood Lead Testing Coverage04/19/2018
Children Under Five Years of Age Living in Poverty06/25/2021
Children under 3 Years of Age with a Confirmed Elevated Blood Lead Level04/18/2018
Chlamydia Infections06/03/2021
Chloroform in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Chromium(VI) in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Hospitalizations & ED Visits11/04/2021
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) Prevalence07/08/2019
Cigarette Smoking Among Adults12/10/2020
Cigarette Use among High School Students11/05/2020
Cigarette Use among Middle School Students03/23/2021
Cleft Lip11/04/2021
Cleft Palate without Cleft Lip11/04/2021
Community Water Systems Compliance08/14/2018
Crude Death Rate05/11/2021
Deaths among Asian Persons05/26/2021
Deaths among Black Persons05/26/2021
Deaths among Children 1-4 Years Old06/10/2021
Deaths among Children 5-14 Years Old06/10/2021
Deaths among Females06/21/2021
Deaths among Hispanic Persons05/26/2021
Deaths among Males06/21/2021
Deaths among Persons 15-24 Years Old06/07/2021
Deaths among Persons 25-44 Years Old06/07/2021
Deaths among Persons 45-64 Years Old06/07/2021
Deaths among Persons 65-84 Years Old06/07/2021
Deaths among Persons Aged 85 Years and Older06/07/2021
Deaths among White Persons05/26/2021
Deaths due to Alzheimer's Disease05/11/2021
Deaths due to Asthma06/21/2021
Deaths due to Breast Cancer07/13/2021
Deaths due to Cancer05/18/2021
Deaths due to Cervical Cancer07/13/2021
Deaths due to Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases05/11/2021
Deaths due to Colorectal Cancer08/10/2021
Deaths due to Coronary Heart Disease08/10/2021
Deaths due to Diabetes05/18/2021
Deaths due to End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD)06/21/2021
Deaths due to Falls07/13/2021
Deaths due to Firearm-related Injury08/24/2021
Deaths due to HIV Disease08/10/2021
Deaths due to Heart Disease05/11/2021
Deaths due to Influenza and Pneumonia05/18/2021
Deaths due to Kidney Disease05/18/2021
Deaths due to Lung Cancer08/10/2021
Deaths due to Melanoma of the Skin07/13/2021
Deaths due to Motor Vehicle-Related Injuries08/17/2021
Deaths due to Oropharyngeal Cancer08/10/2021
Deaths due to Prostate Cancer07/13/2021
Deaths due to Septicemia05/11/2021
Deaths due to Stroke05/18/2021
Deaths due to Unintentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning06/25/2021
Deaths due to Unintentional Injury05/18/2021
Deaths due to Unintentional Poisoning08/24/2021
Diabetes (Diagnosed) Prevalence12/10/2020
Diesel Particulate Matter in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Dilated Eye Exams Among Persons with Diabetes08/14/2018
Disinfection By Products in Community Drinking Water Systems05/11/2021
Down Syndrome (Trisomy 21)11/04/2021
Drinking Water: Self-Reported Water Quality, Use of Filters, or Purchase of Bottled Water11/05/2020
Emergency Department Visits for Unintentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning11/04/2021
End-Stage Renal Disease Incidence04/30/2021
Fatal Occupational Injuries01/29/2020
Fecal Coliform or E. coli in Private Wells03/03/2020
Feeding at Discharge08/13/2021
Fetal Mortality Rate10/12/2021
Fine Particulate Matter (PM2.5) in Outdoor Air09/13/2021
First Trimester Prenatal Care08/13/2021
Food Insecurity09/24/2021
Formaldehyde in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Formula Supplementation among Breastfeeding Infants11/20/2020
General Fertility Rate05/26/2021
General Health Status03/04/2021
Gonorrhea Incidence06/03/2021
Gross Alpha in Private Wells03/03/2020
HIV Care and Treatment10/29/2021
HIV Transmission Rate04/28/2021
Health Care-Associated Infections04/27/2021
Health Insurance Coverage07/01/2021
Health Insurance Coverage Among Adults01/29/2020
Hearing Loss Positive Screening Follow-Up11/09/2021
Heart Attack (Acute Myocardial Infarction) Hospitalizations11/04/2021
Hemoglobin Screening Among Adults with Diagnosed Diabetes08/14/2018
Hip Fracture Hospitalization Rate among Older Adults04/27/2021
Hospitalization and Emergency Department Visits for Heat Related Illnesses11/04/2021
Hospitalizations Due to Unintentional Carbon Monoxide Poisoning11/04/2021
Hospitalizations from or with Pneumoconiosis08/19/2021
Hypoplastic Left Heart Syndrome11/04/2021
Immunization - Influenza, Adults06/19/2019
Immunizations - Pneumococcal Vaccination06/19/2019
Incidence of All Invasive Cancers06/01/2021
Incidence of Bladder Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Brain and Other Nervous System Cancers11/22/2021
Incidence of Breast Cancer in Females11/22/2021
Incidence of Cervical Cancer05/07/2021
Incidence of Childhood Brain and Central Nervous System Cancers11/22/2021
Incidence of Childhood Leukemia11/22/2021
Incidence of Colorectal Cancer05/07/2021
Incidence of Esophageal Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Kidney and Renal Pelvis Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Laryngeal Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Late-Stage Breast Cancer05/07/2021
Incidence of Leukemia11/22/2021
Incidence of Liver Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Lung & Bronchus Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Melanoma of the Skin11/22/2021
Incidence of Mesothelioma11/22/2021
Incidence of Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma11/22/2021
Incidence of Oral Cavity and Pharynx Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Pancreatic Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Prostate Cancer11/22/2021
Incidence of Thyroid Cancer11/22/2021
Infant Mortality Rate09/24/2021
Infant and Fetal Death10/12/2021
Latent TB Infection Treatment Completion Rate03/04/2020
Leading Causes of Death05/11/2021
Legionellosis Incidence Rate in New Jersey06/21/2021
Life Expectancy at Age 6505/10/2021
Life Expectancy at Birth05/10/2021
Limb Deficiencies11/04/2021
Long-Term Care Governmental Funding11/20/2020
Low Birth Weight08/17/2021
Lower Extremity Amputations Among Persons with Diabetes03/13/2020
Lyme Disease05/12/2021
Maternal Age05/26/2021
Maternal Marital Status07/13/2021
Mean Blood Lead Levels among Children11/18/2020
Mercury in Private Wells03/03/2020
Mortality from or with Pneumoconiosis08/19/2021
Multiple Births07/13/2021
Naphthalene in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Neonatal Mortality Rate09/24/2021
New HIV/AIDS Diagnoses07/29/2021
Nitrate in Community Drinking Water Systems05/11/2021
Nitrate in Private Wells03/03/2020
No Prenatal Care07/13/2021
Non-Fatal Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses Reported by Employers08/19/2021
Obesity Among Adults02/20/2020
Obesity among High School Students in Grades 9 to 1212/10/2020
Oral Health - Annual Dental Visits Among Adults06/28/2019
Ozone in Outdoor Air09/13/2021
People Living with HIV/AIDS (PLWH)07/29/2021
Perchloroethylene in Outdoor Air05/09/2019
Perinatal Mortality Rate10/19/2021
Personal Doctor or Health Care Provider01/05/2021
Physical Activity Among Adolescents in Grades 9 to 1212/10/2020
Physical Activity-Adult Prevalence01/29/2020
Physically Inactive: Older Adults Prevalence06/19/2019
Poorly Controlled Asthma Among Adults with Asthma07/10/2020
Population Demographics09/28/2021
Portable Generators: Self-Reported Ownership for Use during Power Outages09/22/2020
Postneonatal Mortality Rate09/28/2021
Preterm Births08/17/2021
Private Well Usage: Self-Reported as Main Source of Drinking Water11/05/2020
Public Health Infrastructure06/02/2021
Public Health Preparedness03/04/2021
Radium in Community Drinking Water Systems05/11/2021
Radon Mitigation04/03/2020
Radon Screening04/03/2020
Risk Factor for Childhood Lead Exposure: Pre-1950 and Pre-1980 Housing11/05/2020
Safe Sleep11/05/2021
Screen Time among Adolescents in Grades 9 to 1212/10/2020
Seat Belt Usage by Drivers and Front Seat Passengers (Observed)10/28/2020
Seatbelt Usage (Self-Reported)06/19/2019
Secondhand Smoke Exposure among High School Students11/13/2020
Self-Reported Breast Cancer Screening Among Women12/21/2020
Self-Reported Cervical Cancer Screening09/29/2020
Self-Reported Cholesterol Screening02/25/2021
Self-Reported Colorectal Cancer Screening12/21/2020
Self-Reported Prostate Cancer Screening09/29/2020
Soda Consumption Among Adolescents in Grades 9 to 1212/10/2020
Spina Bifida11/04/2021
Sudden Unexpected Infant Death (SUID)08/19/2019
Sunburn Prevalence01/29/2020
Suppressed Viral Load among HIV Positive Adults10/29/2021
Syphilis Incidence - Congenital06/04/2021
Syphilis Incidence - Primary and Secondary06/03/2021
Tetrachloroethylene in Community Drinking Water Systems05/11/2021
Tetralogy of Fallot11/04/2021
Tobacco Use During Pregnancy05/26/2021
Tobacco Use among High School Students12/10/2020
Transposition of the Great Arteries11/04/2021
Trichloroethylene in Community Drinking Water Systems05/11/2021
Tuberculosis Cases with HIV Status Known03/04/2020
Tuberculosis Incidence10/28/2021
Tuberculosis Patients Who Complete Curative Therapy03/04/2020
Unhealthful Days from Carbon Monoxide, PM-10, Lead, Sulfur Dioxide, and Nitrogen Dioxide01/15/2020
Uranium in Community Drinking Water Systems05/11/2021
Vaginal Birth after Previous Cesarean05/26/2021
Work-Related Burns08/19/2021
Work-Related Hospitalizations08/19/2021
Years of Potential Life Lost (YPLL) Before Age 75 Years06/04/2021
Youth Suicide Attempts12/10/2020

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